1. Holy

From the album All Hail King Jesus

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by Grande Baliad & Richard Ensley

You took on the flesh of man
and dwelt amongst us.
Full of grace, You unveiled all truth.
Loving us You bore the Cross
Fulfilled God’s judgment.
By Your faith we have peace in You.

We the Bride, with Your Spirit
say, “Your Kingdom come!”
Living now in Your power
we proclaim

Holy! You are holy! Holy!
All of heaven adores
Every nation desires
Glory to the Lamb, most worthy
Seated now, on Heaven's throne
Bleeding now, You've overcome

You are life and in Your light
we see no darkness
Fellowship is now found with You
Cleansing us, Your perfect blood
Removes all shadow
We have heard and declare Your truth

Hear all Your Saints sing
as we glory in Your Cross
We’re ever praising
‘cause You bore the wrath of God
You are our mighty Savior!