As a native Detroiter, Grande Baliad (pronounced Gran-dee Bally-add) grew up loving all things “Detroit”. Having grown up knowing Detroit’s rich musical history, his influences include everything from Motown to Pop to Metal. At the age of 10 Grande started writing songs on his Casio keyboard - mostly about girls he had a crush on. During his teen years, Grande continued to write music - now on piano and/or guitar - and while writing plenty of love songs, he also wrote about loneliness, sadness, and depression. Even though Grande grew up as a Pastor’s son and went to church his whole life, he didn’t have a real relationship with Jesus Christ until he was 20. At that point, Grande’s whole life turned around and changed. Grande now writes songs for the Church that emphasize Jesus’ finished work and how the Cross of Christ has changed his life and how it is relevant to the lives of Christians today. Grande currently serves as Worship Pastor at Metro Detroit Christian Church in West Bloomfield. Along with his wife and three children, Grande lives in Suburban Detroit where they establish God’s Kingdom through fearless obedience and love (and catchy songwriting!).